To propel the organizations at national level in which the women participate in the political, social, economic and cultural dimension.

To consolidate the Organizations of Indigenous Women to face the poverty and malnutrition

To develop women’s important roles as main characters in their communities and families.

To create spaces of ecumenical reflection.

To promote leaders in their churches and communities

To exchange experiences based on the cooperation and solidarity

To look for other alternatives to survive

A prayer to God

GOD CREATED THE UNIVERSE our mother earth and Father’s humanity. We’re thankful for life.

Grant us your mercy, your town groans of pain, hunger and misery

Our God of love maintains us united to live as siblings to serve to our neighbor and develop your Kingdom.


Programs of Health and Nutrition

To improve the quality of the works in crafts

To look for market for the sale of the products of crafts

To coordinate with other indigenous women of Latin America

-Creation of a fund to promote the development of the agricultural production and their transformation -To strengthen the alternate cultivation and to respect the mother earth. -We foment the upbringing of the fish in floating cages and puddles and improvement of animals of domestic consumption.

- Workshops and training of the Laws of Women’s Rights - Domestic Violence against all forms of violence against women. - Communication sub-program and publications

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