Community Development


We have several workshops about different topics which are very important for the Community members. In general ranging from Human Rights, Community Development, Healthcare prevention for children, Nutrition, Handcrafts development, Women's participation in their communities, Economic planning, Bilingual education


We are working with adults and children to conntinue their legacy on language and culture. We must preserve our culture and past it to new generations. If you can help us on anyway please contact us

Health Care

We often organize workshops about Healthcare with professionals on this area. Important topics such as proper nutrition, avoiding contaminated water and products because of irresponsible mining, how to use our plants to heal some common illnesses, as well as consultations with Doctors. Thank you for your contributions to make it happened

Family Resource Centers

We have a great deal of information that we share with community members. From finding lawyers, doctors, developing handcrafts, education, human rights. There is a need for support in the area of human rights as many communities are taken over by irresponsible mining which in the process create a conflict with the authorities and they are constantly abusing their basic human rights

Economic development

We have been working with women to develop and market their handcrafts. All their products are 100% natural and eco-friendly. Please contact us if you are interested on buying some products. We are now able to deliver to most locations. Thank you for your support

Legal support

We are working with many communities in their struggle to keep their lands and rivers clean from pollution. People with a great deal of power and money are targetting indigenous communities because of the minerals underground. They are able to get a team lawyers against communities. They can even bend the laws on their favor. We need your support to provide some legal support. There are many laws protecting our communities but unfortunately with the team of lawyers they can get away with violating the rights of indigenous communities. Please help us stop that..

Our rivers

The contamination of pure water in the andeans of Peru is an untold tragedy. It is not reported by anybody. Every day is happening. Please help us


Many communities have faced pollution, dry season, soil issues. We have a handcraft products development. We can actually make anytime of clothing, toys, items. Help us by buying our products

Indigenous Communities

Children desnutrition cases

Legal cases

Polution cases

Why donate to us?

Because we are the only non-profit that works with indigenous communities who were forgotten by almost everyone. Indigenous communities in the highlands of Peru. There are communities that don't even have a road. We work with all the communities in need. We provide all the support in their native Language. Every donation is important for a child or woman.

There are a lot of struggle in many areas to keep their water resources clean. A lot human rights violations because of the struggle with irresponsible mining

In some cases where the community can not take of their orphan children. We can advise for adoption of orphans.

Help us bring food and water to elders in the communities.

Latest News

We have open an online store in ETSY please check our items.

  • “ Our indigenous communities are the only ones defending the environment, green areas, clean water and air for future generations ”

    Maria Sumire

    AMA Peru Indigena
  • “Our community has been affected by irresponsible mining. AMA Peru Indigena has been our only support for defending our right as indigenous community ”

    Julia Ramos

    Community Leader
  • “Our women's community association has started working on handcraft as a means to generate some income for our children during this difficult times ”

    Flor Humani

    Community Leader

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