Our Communities.

22 December 2016

Our communities "way of working" are based on the tradition of our ancestors the Incas. It's called "AYNI" which means we work as a community: One day for you next day for me and so on. As many members in the community. It is based on retribution and collective work. It is more productive and effient

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Our rivers running with fresh water were given to us by our ancestors. We learn to respect them and conserve for future generations

22 November 2016

We The unlawful repossession of our community lands, contamination of our rivers by irresponsible mining, cutting of our trees, discrimination of our culture and language among many other issues that day to day we must face in order to survive. We are struggling to keep our rivers clean, to keep land fertile and green, the trees from our ancestors, the quality of air . We need your support. Our basic human rights have been violated many times but we are still here to preserve our nature for future generations. The beautiful rivers, plants, trees .

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We love our culture and language

October 2016

We are discriminated in our country because we are preserving the cultural values of our ancestors the Incas. We are preserving the language, the way of living. Just few years ago, our language Quechua and other indigenous language were not recognized today they are recognized but we are still a long way from solving this crisis. For any simple paper work still Spanish is the only language, for any transaction. In any court in Peru, the only recognized language is Spanish, so there is a great deal of abuse of innocent people. They take advantage of any situation regarding their land, sometimes forcing them to sign papers that they don’t understand. They don’t have the right to speak their own language. .

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Central America Children Flee Violence.

September 2016

Our basic rights recognized by the United Nations are often violated because of special interests with a great deal of economic and political power. We don’t have anyone to help us make the abuses known to the international community. We want to keep our environment pure, our water, our lands green for our future generations but it is an uphill battle when our resources are very limited.

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